Close your eyes and imagine… you arrive on a beach with a little bag that weighs less than the bottle of water you carry. You turn your head into the wind and wonder if the anemometer would even show 7 knots. You remove the 12m from its tiny pouch and without as much as a single stroke of a pump, you are ready for an unforgettable ride on mirror-smooth water. You distance yourself from the shore without ever looking at your kite – you can literally feel its stability and reliability. The wind is gusty and your kite floats on the water for several, long minutes. But you don’t worry – for you know that it will never fill up with water and will relaunch with ease.

Welcome to a new dimension – the dimension of the MARABOU!

The MARABOU is the first-ever single-surface kite on the market, specially developed for use on water! Now available!

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