Our Story

The Swiss brand that creates premium flavoured kite equipment for authentic riders, who live their passion in harmony with nature.

2004 - The very first steps

It all started in 2004, the very first GIN kite was created within the structure of the famous paragliders brand: GIN Gliders, www.gingliders.com. It was a foil kite with handles for power kiting and snowkiting.

2005 - Fabienne Kaufmann - The Soul of GIN Kiteboarding

Fabienne Kaufmann discovered kitesurfing in 2000 on the shores of the NEUCHÂTEL lake in Switzerland. She quickly became hooked on this new sport. Every chance she had, she would take her kite out, both on the water and on the snow. In 2003, she won the title of snowkite world champion in Silvaplana. In 2005, she was employed by Gin Gliders to manage the full GIN kite range. Her first project was the MAORI, the very first GIN tube kite.

Fabienne Kaufmann

2007 - GIN Kiteboarding was born

2007 was the real start of a business fully dedicated to kiteboarding equipment and completely autonomous. GIN kites split from the paragliding activities and Fabienne Kaufmann founded the brand GIN KITEBOARDING, with its HQ in Switzerland and a brand new logo. A full team is now working for the Kiteboarding brand to bring innovative and durable products to the market.

2013 - Creation of Blue Boardsports SA

In 2013, the company BLUE BOARDSPORTS SA was founded. This new structure manages the brand GIN KITEBOARDING from Switzerland and gives a new dimension to the brand, that continues to invest in developing high performance kite equipment, without any compromise on quality and design.

2015 - Jonas Hiller, from Customer to Ambassador and Owner

Jonas Hiller is a world-class ice hockey goalie with nine dates experience in the NHL. A native of the Canton of Thurgau. Jonas Hiller has competed four times for Switzerland at the ice hockey world championships and twice at the Winter Olympics.

Jonas Hiller

Fabienne and Jonas met for the first time in 2012 when Jonas fell in love with the sport after buying his first kite (which happened to be a GIN).

Following closely the evolution of GIN KITEBOARDING, Jonas decided to invest in 2015 in the Swiss company with which he shared the same values.

“I’ve already been lucky enough to be able to turn my hobby, ice hockey, into a career. I am certain that investing in GIN KITEBOARDING is the right decision. My goal is to share my passion with as many people as possible.”

Quality, Safety, Innovation and Sustainability


GIN KITEBOARDING takes pride in trying to improve its environmental foot-print by all means. The R&D team is not only working on breakthrough technical innovation but they also have some environmental-friendly projects in the pipe-line.

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