Swizz Design

Snowkite backpack

In need of a robust and performing backpack for your snowkite sessions ?

It fits any size and brand of snowkites. You can fix skis and snowboards thanks to dedicated straps. Ergonomic design CamelBack® storage, smart phone pocket.

Volume: 27 liters.

95 CHF


Designed for snowkiting, snowboarding, skiing, ski touring, etc… : All webbing straps and attachment points can be hidden into the the bag, to make it very clean, ideally adapted for snowkiting with less chance of flying lines being caught by the bag :

  • 3 webbing straps to carry a snowboard (the upper strap can also be as a compression strap
    for your kite)
  • 2 webbing straps to carry skis
  • 2 webbing straps to carry ski poles
  • inner pocket for CamelBack®
  • hidden external pocket with zipper
  • waist belt strap with side pocket for smart phone
  • quick access to the bag contents from the front side of the bag
  • 2 side pockets
  • ergonomic back with anti-perspiration surface
  • volume: 27 liters
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