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GIN ICED BAR V3 – Second Hand

The perfect bar for snowkiting!

468.99 CHF 130 CHF


In order to adapt to the feather-light weight of the SHAMAN 2 as well as to its mountain spirit, the GIN ICED BAR has been lightened and slimed down for its third version. We have carefully revisited and simplified each part of the bar to reduce the overall weight, while retaining the quality and reliability of the bar. The refined version of the GIN ICED Bar now weighs just over 900 g but maintains all its advantages in terms of safety and security.


  • Extra-small chicken loop, lightened by a removable Donkey-Stick
  • Refined endcaps without floaters
  • Removable brake strap
  • A doubled and spliced ​​depower rope without plastic sheath to allow easy sliding and visual wear control
  • The 5 lines of finer diameter minimize drag but offer a resistance of 300 kg


  • Size of the bar: 52 cm
  • Lines: 5 x 22m, 300 kg, manufactured in Hollande by Braidtech
  • Certification: the GIN ICED bar is certified according to European norm (AFNOR) for kitesurf and snowkite. The GIN ICED bar is NF S 52- 503 certified by the official European test laboratory Air Turquoise, ISO 9001:2008 (para-test.com).
  • Trim system: light and efficient clam cleat with magnet system
  • Kite leash: comes with an ultra-short and light leash (NF S 52-503 certified)


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