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The new innovative ECO GIN label

The ECO GIN Label

The essence of kite surfing is environment-friendly: we’re being pulled over water, earth or snow thanks to the power of the wind and without an engine. Offering eco-responsible products to riders seems like an obvious solution for us. We are conscious of the efforts and improvements that can still be made in this domain and the creation of the ECO GIN label emphasizes our willingness to reduce as much as possible the ecological footprint in the creation of  products and through tangible actions.
Huge progress is still to be made in eco-responsibility. Since the creation of GIN KITEBOARDING in 2007, we have set clear objectives to adopt an ever more responsible approach to our production. For example, we use recycled cardboard from local companies to pack your products. We give a second life to used kites by giving them to schools for manual activities. We also pass some of them to RONDECHUTE, for them to create bags and accessories in Fribourg, Switzerland.
These small actions all testify to a real ecological awareness. The ECO BOARD is our first concrete product under the ECO GIN label!



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