DATE OF BIRTH: 12.02.1982 |


HOMETOWN: Berne, Switzerland |

HOMESPOT: Lake Biel/Bienne |


Jonas is a world-class ice hockey goalie. He played in the NHL (Anaheim Ducks and Calgary Flames) during 9 years. Since Summer 2016 he plays for the Swiss NLA team, HC Bienne. Jonas has competed 4 times for Switzerland at the ice hockey world championships and 3 times at the Winter Olympics. He has been a passionate kitesurfer since 2012 and spends as much time on the water as the busy hockey schedule allows. Jonas is the majority shareholder of GIN KITEBOARDING. More about Jonas' involvement in GIN KITEBOARDING here.


"Kiteboarding is golfing for hippies” is what I read the other day. Unlike other ice hockey players I’ve never really gotten into golfing. The total opposite was the case with kiteboarding. I have always been fascinated by the sport and since I rode my first kite and board on the water I was infected with the kite virus. I want to spend a few more words on the story about how I ended up as part owner of GIN KITEBOARDING.
I had my first encounters with wind and water as little boy. Not really surprising with my father being a passionate sailor and my mother a basketball player and sport teacher who is pretty much into any sport. I’ve tried almost all wind powered vessels so far: optimist, windsurfing and catamaran.
Finally in summer 2012 I booked my first kiteboard classes. The wind gods seemed to have something against it though as it took me two weeks in Thailand and Lake of Come to get three windy days all together to complete my beginner’s course. But that was plenty enough to get my infected with the kiteboard virus.
The next encounters with kite and board were happening by accident. First I met Raphi at a housewarming party in Switzerland, who later became my private teacher. At the same time the 2012/13 NHL season didn’t start on time because of the lockout.
Raphi, who was living in California at the same time, convinced me to come kitesurfing with him at least till the season starts. And shortly after I spent several afternoons a week on the water. Sure enough I needed my own equipment now and Raphi told me to check out GIN kites. That was the first time I got in touch with Fabienne. A week later I was riding GIN kites on the Pacific in front of the California coast.
Fabienne asked me the following summer if I had any interest in representing GIN KITEBOARDING as a Team-Rider. I was very excited and honored to be a part of their team. 2014 there was a possibility to become part owner and I said “yes”. And when I had the option to take over GIN KITEBOARDING as the main shareholder in 2015 I couldn’t say no.
I don’t think there is any other activity that helps me clear my head this well. The freedom on the water, the battle with the elements, the connection with the nature and getting closer to the dream of flying are all aspects that help me escape from the real world for a few hours. In addition there are no distractions by TV, computer and smart phones - just the wind, water, kite and my board. I’m sure everyone who got infected by the kite-virus knows exactly what I’m talking about.
The main reason I decided to invest in GIN KITEBOARDING is the ability to give the opportunity to as many people as possible to experience the feeling of freedom, clear mind and closeness to the nature.