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Don’t miss the opportunity to buy the demo kites used by the GIN KITEBOARDING Team!

We only sell second hand kite gears that are in excellent or good state. These kites, bars and boards were used by people from our team and they were always under our control. Quantities are very limited and availability of SALE products changes regularly.

The accessories (pads, straps, handle and fins) are included within the GEEK prices.

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The GIN Geek is a board that offers a smooth and forgiving ride.  It’s a board that helps you progress, no matter if you are just starting, or working on your jumps already. The GIN Flex Construction uses a lightweight wood core for comfortable flex and precise control. This makes it extremely comfortable to ride in the chop and is gentle on your knees when landing your jumps. The Geek has great upwind ability even in more challenging conditions. There are three sizes in the range to suit every riders needs. The Geek is delivered with high quality ergonomically shaped footpads with memory foam and G10 fins 50 mm.