ESKIMO second hand

Don’t miss the opportunity to buy the demo kites used by the GIN KITEBOARDING Team!

We only sell second hand kite gears that are in excellent or good state. These kites, bars and boards were used by people from our team and they were always under our control. Quantities are very limited and availability of SALE products changes regularly.

The ESKIMO prices include the ESKIMO kite + the GIN Iced bar + the GIN snowkite back pack.

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Dedicated to discerning riders who are looking for a top quality kite with performance and accessible handling, the Eskimo is a very versatile kite for different riders and conditions.

Main characteristics:

  • Backcountry sessions exploring new terrain
  • Pure freestyle sessions
  • Easy freeride sessions for all levels of riders

GIN Iced Bar characteristics:

  • Certification: the GIN ICED bar is certified according to European norm (AFNOR) for kitesurf and snowkite use. The GIN ICED bar is NF S 52- 503 certified by the official European test laboratory Air Turquoise, ISO 9001:2008 (
  • Grip: ergonomical, soft and comfortable grip.
  • Endcap: all covered endcap, extremely soft material for handlepass, ergonomical shape.
  • Quickrelease: easy to open and to re-build, work in all conditions (sand, dry sand, iced temperatures, with light or heavy tension on the bar, the quickrelease opens with less than 10 kg effort.
  • Donky-stick: removable, ideal for all style of riding (freestyle, freeride, beginners), strong construction.
  • Depower rope: covered with a thin, resistant and soft tube. that perfectly slides through the bar. Super strong construction and anyway easy to change in 3 parts.
  • Trim system: Clamcleat piece, light and efficient.
  • Swivel: resistant, fast turning and strong piece.
  • 5th safety line: with big ring to be able to fix the kite leash directly on it or in the same time with the chicken-loop tube, or directly connected to the chicken-loop.
  • Chicken-loop: strong shape for a minimum of deformation, easy to catch, ideal for unhooked sessions.
  • Break handle: to pull down the 2 break lines with one hand.
  • Kite leash: aluminium QR parts. The kite leash is also NF S 52- 503 certified according to European norm (AFNOR) for kitesurf and snowkite use. Neoprene cover.
  • Lines: ultra resistant material from Eurocord. Back pre-lines and front flying lines with 600 kg resistance. Back flying lines with 270 kg resistance. Clear colour and loop-knots codes.
  • 52 cm bar with 21 meters lines  for ESKIMO 5, 7, 9
    56 cm bar with 24 meters lines for ESKIMO 11, 13