Egoist2 + GEEK2 package

EGOIST2 kite + GIN & TONIC bar V3 + GEEK2 board + accessories!
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The EGOIST2 is our freeride, wave, big air and allround gun. Its shape was totally redesigned for the second edition for precious and higher angles to ride upwind and enlarged lowend and highend windranges.
The well balanced 3 struts shape offers a super stable and reactive kite. It delivers a very progressive, precise and smooth bar control perfect for foilboarders and riders in progress. The EGOIST 2 is always ready to play with you on the water, from the flat, or choppy to the big waves conditions: it gives you the perfect hangtime, pop and drift you need.

The GEEK 2 is a board that offers a smooth and forgiving ride and helps you progress, no matter if you are just starting, or working on your jumps already. The GIN Flex Construction uses a lightweight wood core for comfortable flex and precise control, making it extremely comfortable to ride in chop and gentle on your knees when landing jumps. The GEEK 2 has great upwind ability even in more challenging conditions.

The PACKAGE deal comes with the GIN & TONIC V3 Bar