URU 2012 modell (brand new)

2012 modell.

Only 2 pces left! (6 m2)

Compatible with the new GIN & TONIC Bars.

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708 € 212 €

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FREESTYLE / NEW SCHOOL The URU has a massive depower, more than any GIN Kite before, with intuitive and progressive steering as well as a fast Loop-End. Freestylers will appreciate the URU-Performance.

WAVE The URU’s advantage is the incredible, progressive Depower. These allows easy control of the power, all of the time and it doesn’t matter where the bar is positioned. Thanks to it’s perfect balance, the Kite also reacts with low pressure on the lines. The speed of the URU makes the kite reactive and powerful in the turns. Thanks to the GTS (Gin Twin Safety), it is easy to release the kite in wipe outs and emergency situations. The very fast relaunch makes the URU the perfect ally for wave riding.

FREERIDE With a compact shape and low aspect ratio, the URU is very fast in the turns. It always stays under control. Instinctively you know, where your kite is positioned in the air. This makes it really comfortable for freeride sessions. The advantage of the URU is, of course, its incredible low end, as well as handling a huge windrange, it also allows you to easily control the kite low and high in the wind window.

COURSE RACING Perfect low-wind performance as well as great upwind capabilities will make the URU perfect for Racing.
SPEED Thanks to Sebastiens Salerno’s experience (100,54 km/h) the URU’s features offering direct steering with high pressure help the URU to excel at speed.

BEGINNERS The needs of beginners as well as improving riders were always very important, during development of the URU. The kite is suitable for teaching and as a first kite for beginners, as well as for advanced riders. Generally the URU is customized for the expectations of kite schools: easy and fast relaunch, intuitive steering and simple bridle-system. Colour coded from the bar to kite makes the set-up very simple and obvious, making the life of students and instructors as easy as possible.