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This is the kite from our team

Close your eyes and imagine… you arrive on a beach with a little bag that weighs less than the bottle of water you carry. You turn your head into the wind and wonder if the anemometer would even show 7 knots. You remove the 12m from its tiny pouch and without as much as a single stroke of a pump, you are ready for an unforgettable ride on mirror-smooth waters. You distance yourself from the shore without ever looking at your kite – you can literally feel its stability and reliability. The wind is gusty and your kite floats in the water for several, long minutes. But you don’t need to worry – for you know that it will never completely fill up with water.

Welcome to a new dimension – the dimension of the MARABOU!

The MARABOU is the first-ever single-surface kite on the market, developed for use on water!



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  • Single-surface kite with closed-cell leading edge construction
  • Innovative construction: 70% of the surface cannot sink!
  • Minimal size and super lightweight
  • Outstanding size-to-power ratio
  • Excellent stability, depower and manoeuvrability
  • Easy relaunch
  • Accessibility and ease of use
  • Exceptional light wind performance

The hybrid single-surface and closed-cells construction of the MARABOU makes you enter a new dimension. Whether on a foil board, twintip or surfboard, you’ll benefit from an exceptionally small and light kite that generates extraordinary power. Equipped with incredible stability, the MARABOU is an intuitive and easy-to-use foil kite.

Just like the SHAMAN 1 and 2, the MARABOU was designed by the talented Swiss designer Olivier Nef. His experience in the development of single-surface paragliders paired with the passion of our team riders has allowed us to develop this kite with its innovative construction.


The wind range is only an indication. It varies with weight and skill level of the rider as well as the wind and current conditions on the spot.

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Check out our Wind Range Summary to compare between models.



MARABOU 9m, filmed in about 4 knots


The Kite Mag



“It’s great to see such an innovative product on the market and hard to begin to understand the amount of R&D that must go into it, and it’s even better to report that it really does work very well!

Alex Hapgood, TheKiteMag

“We are only using the 4 and 6m and love them …. best foiling kites we have ever used!”

Gaby Ott, Windsport.dk

“I mounted the MARABOU 6m on a bar of 12 / 13m lines. I had about 8 knots at the beginning of the session and 15 knots at best in the afternoon. I found all the properties and feelings that I also look for in snowkiting: flying a kite that is small in size but super powerfull and playfull.  I think that pleasure of kite flying is an integral part of this kite, above all when foiling: the relaunch, the rapid changes of direction, the fact of being able to completely depower and repower the kite within fractions of a second, the management and positioning of the kite during maneuvers… not to mention the feeling of serenity when keeping this toy above the head, whether on water or on land!”

Laurent Hemard, Kites and Boards

“I have now been using the SHAMAN on water for quite a while. It is absolutely fantastic but its major default is that it doesn’t relaunch from water. The MARABOU solves this problem: its closed leading edge and its unique air inlet prevent the water from entering. On my first test I was forced to paddle in the water for about 2 minutes and I had a tie on the kite on about 1/3 of its length. But the kite restarted and untwisted very naturally. No water had entered!! Additionally, you’ll find the same stunning characteristics as on the SHAMAN, with a stability and power that are simply perfect for light wind. I will surely use the MARABOU in small size for the waves: due to its incredible stability I can completely let go of the bar and fully concentrate on the wave.”

Sébastien Saugy, GIN rider


Tutorial: Which size to choose

Tutorial: Setting up the MARABOU

Tutorial: Launching from the ground

Tutorial: Relaunching from water

Tutorial: The safety system

Tutorial: Landing the MARABOU

Tutorial: Folding and packing up the MARABOU


  • Swiss design and high-quality construction (tissue Skytex 38 by Porcher, France)
  • Water release system on the wingtips
  • Deflate zip on the leading edge
  • Intermediate aspect ratio for accessibility and performance
  • Reduced suspension lines with 2 pullies per side (GIN low friction rings)
  • Kite delivered with compression strap and light pouch
  • Compatible with the GIN & TONIC Bar v3 (4 lines, 20 + 4m) and other corresponding bars
  • 5 flavours for all sizes:


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