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EGOIST 1 – Second Hand

Don’t miss the opportunity to buy the demo kites used by the GIN KITEBOARDING Team!

We only sell second hand kite gears that are in excellent or good state. These kites, bars and boards were used by people from our team and they were always under our control. Quantities are very limited and availability of SALE products changes regularly.

1'329 CHF504.39 CHF


The brand new Egoist is the Swiss army knife in the GIN Kiteboarding range. No mater if you are looking for a do-it-all freeride kite, want to boost the biggest jumps or in need a wave kite, the Egoist will deliver. The Egoist has a huge windrange and great upwind ability. The relaunch is intuitive and very easy. The Egoist will offer you big boosted jumps and lots of hangtime. The easy sheet-in, sheet-out characteristics and excellent drift capabilities makes the Egoist a very capable wave kite.


Rating Cannibal-A

Windrange :

EGOIST 5: 22-42 KN
EGOIST 7: 18-37 KN
EGOIST 9: 15-33 KN
EGOIST 11: 12-25 KN
EGOIST 13: 10-21 KN

Test reports:

User manual:

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